Ghibellina Gallery

The Ghibellina  rooms

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Museum section


The “Ghibellina Gallery” is a long hallway that the set-up project plans to divide into two rooms (emphasizing the difference in height and therefore the perception of the spaces).

Room 5 is about the Lanterna in the Nineteenth century and its relationship with the Genoese landscape, with reproductions of particularly significant works, such as a famous watercolor by Henry Parke - a 360° view of the panorama from the lighthouse - and scale models of the Lighthouse and its environment

Room 6, or "Sala dei Forti" (Forts room), is about the role of the Lighthouse within the city walls, by the enlargement of a Mid-Eighteenth century etching and reproductions of maps and diagrams that highlight the Genoese walls in different historical periods of the city.