The Port and its workers

The monumental complex of the Lighthouse of Genoa is a privileged place where to learn more about the history of the port of the city and the historical jobs related to it.

The history of the Port is linked to the people who live inside and animate it and to the historical professions that were developed here. Like the "Confidenti”, workforce mediators that, from the second half of the nineteenth century, constituted an organisation based on their strong power, backed by regents and shipowners: with the indifference of the Police forces, they dominated the port; the "Carenanti" company, assigned to scrape the incrustations and paint the sides of the ships that entered the dry docks, both of wonderful ocean liners and of simple cargo ships; the "Caravana", born in 1340, who had set their organisation and their life to industriousness and brotherhood. The members had to be chosen among the citizens of Bergamo and the Brembana Valley, as a prize for past services to the Genoese Republic (this privilege was suppressed only in 1848); the "Carbuné" company, assigned to unload coal (The company of the coal workers “Pietro Chiesa” was founded in 1893 and is still operating in the Port of Genoa).