Pasquale Navone "Moorish Slaves in the Procession of the Magi "

Pasquale Navone "Moorish Slaves in the Procession of the Magi "

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Pasquale Navone (Genova, 1746-1791)


First floor, Nativity Scene Room, showcase II (inv. no. MGL 963, MGL 1055)

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The two Moorish slaves from the procession of the Magi, are the work of Pasquale Navone (1746-1791), presented here in a scenographic setting created in 2011, they stand out both as exceptional figures in terms of quality and rarity among the more than 350 figures which make up Matteo Luxoro’s favourite collection. Here the figures are presented in their role as “participants” rather than as static wooden sculptures forming a scene, returning them to the role for which their creator intended them. The use of articulated mannequin figures, with glass eyes, fabric clothing (more rarely with artificial hair wigs), arranged in elaborate scenes, alongside entirely sculpted and polychrome figures transformed the nativity display into an ephemeral presentation that was somewhere between a tableau vivant and a theatrical representation. Each figure was dressed according to the character, to emphasize their role and create "communication" between the various protagonists - commoners, shepherds, nobles and the entourage of the Magi – all in ecstatic admiration of the mystery of the Nativity.