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The city of Genoa, with the wealth of its artistic, architectural and landscape heritage, has played a fundamental role in Italian culture. The image of Genoa City of Art, composed of the suggestive quality of Europe’s largest historical centre and the City’s audacious responses to the challenges of innovation, art and contemporary architecture, attracts widespread interest and an influx of tourists, which is steadily growing both in terms of quantity and quality.

Making a contribution to the cultural projects through which the City Administration promotes and enriches Genoa locally, nationally and internationally, means making yourself visible to an ever larger and more interesting audience, towards whom to promote companies, services and products.

Support can be offered in two ways: either through the Art Bonus institute which offers planned donations to the Municipality of Genoa, or through the sponsorship of cultural projects of particular importance.

Information relating to the Art Bonus can be found on this page, or via the following contacts:

Andreana Serra
tel. 010 5574957
cel. 366 4648206

These are the activities that can be supported with a donation in favour of the Municipality of Genoa:

A) maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets
B) support of institutions and publicly owned places of culture.

Alternatively, it is possible to view the projects currently taking place, of which you can become protagonists through your sponsorship, by accessing this page or by contacting the following e-mail address:

Andreana Serra
Luca Dellepiane