15th Century

The 15th century was a troubled one for Genoa. After the success of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, internecine fighting led to the city’s domination by external forces, such as the French and Milanese, always ready to obtain control of the management of one of the most active ports in the Mediterranean. In sculpture there is a certain predominance of the Lombards: the workshops of the various branches of the Lombard family Gaggini produce sacred and secular works of exquisite workmanship, as also happens in other workshops of the same geographical-cultural extraction (see the polyptych in polychrome marble attributable to the Solari workshop). This, however, without ever losing sight of other contributions, such as that of the Riccomanni from Versilia. Other important works on display (the beautiful bronze bust of Giovanni Pontano, the English alabasters) come from modern acquisitions, but enrich the itinerary with notes of the highest quality.