Cinema, a thread of light

Cinema, after all, is a fantastic story. A thread of light that turns into an emotion and creates parallel worlds: it amazes, terrifies, entertains you; it can make you happy or sad; it deceives or it makes you think about your own condition; it can comfort or strictly condemn. This exhibition is dedicated to this thread of light and to its long and always evolving journey. It was realised in Genoa for a reason: just a few meters away from  “Mura di Malapaga”, a location which marked a season of cinema, and nearby Sala Sivori, which is the oldest cinema in Italy. In Fantacinema, the fantasy cinema is told through statues and action figures, but also thanks to the first tools used in cinematography, such as the magic lanterns, vintage projectors which are on display. Each section is enriched by videos showing several sequences taken from the most famous movies of the History of Cinema.