City of Genoa Museum

In the heart of Genoa’s historic centre, a stone's throw from the Old Port, the new City Museum will be housed in the sixteenth-century Loggia di Banchi, called the Loggia della Mercanzia because it was here that the city's financial trading took place.

The project aims to give this evocative space a new role: to be a sort of urban megaphone, connected with the city and the world, which acts as a sounding board for the story of the intrinsic characteristics and qualities of Genoa. A new City landmark which is part of a long-term enhancement process.

The museum will accompany the visitor to discover the fascinating history of Genoa: its imperial origins, its expansion in the Middle Ages, its apotheosis in the Baroque period as well as its contribution to Italian society through industry and culture.

Among the many original objects, there will also be three-dimensional reconstructions, interactive films and a  stroll through almost two millennia of the City’s history. A “business card” and an invitation to discover the secrets of one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean.