Tomb 30 from Necropolis of Genoa

Tomb 30 from Necropolis of Genoa

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Technique and Dimensions:

Bronze, amber, gold and silver artifacts


First Floor


Tomb 30, Pre-Roman Necropolis of Via XX Settembre, Genoa, 1899

Object Type:

Find; Burial


This is one of the richest and most interesting graves of the entire pre-Roman necropolis in Genoa.
This is the tomb of a high-ranking woman who came to Genoa in the 5th century BC from the Como area and the Golasecca culture, following a marriage alliance. The grave goods include a splendid amber necklace, imported from the Baltic, with pendants in the form of perfume jars, a pendant in the form of a boot, a gold disc brooch and several silver alloy pins (fibulae) of various shapes, which can also be found in Padanian Etruria.
Of special interest is the “vanity” pendant, in silver and gold, consisting of small beauty tools (tweezers, ear pick, nail cleaner etc.) comparable with a ceremonial version from Como: it was probably displayed as an item of luxury.
Within the tomb, the protected environment has preserved the imprint of a bunch of myrtle on the bronze Etruscan-made tray: this Mediterranean plant was sacred to Aphrodite and to Dionysus as part of the cult of dead, and was also placed in other tombs in the necropolis.