The frescoes: from history to myth

If you cross the halls and salons of the two noble floors of the building you have the opportunity to admire the fresco works of leading artists such as Lazzaro Tavarone, Lorenzo de Ferrari and Sebastiano Galeotti and above all to witness the evolution of the types of subjects requested by their clients.

In fact, the vaults of the two halls are dedicated to feats linked to members of the Grimaldi family, such as “The Conquest of Lisbon” and “The Triumph of Ranieri Grimaldi”, and to enhance their public and political role by delivering precise messages to those viewing the works, considering not only the role of the building as a private mansion. The Palazzo di Pellicceria was in fact included in the lists of "palazzi dei Rolli", that is, of the residences deemed adequate to be used by the Republic to welcome official guests.

With the property of Maddalena Doria, and the renovation she undertook, the most popular mythological and epic subjects became part of the dwelling: “The Council of the Gods” by Sebastiano Galeotti or “The Stories of Achilles” by Lorenzo De Ferrari, whose works “Venus and Bacchus”, “Pan beaten by love” and the “Triumph of Galatea” can be seen in the gallery of the mirrors.