The Historical Archive of the Municipality of Genoa

The Historical Archive of the Municipality of Genoa, based in Palazzo Ducale, preserves the documents relating to the administration of the city between the 15th and mid-20th centuries and holds a collection of manuscripts dating to the 14th–19th centuries.
The archive houses the permanent exhibition titled Amole, libbre, cannelle, dedicated to the historical collection of weights and units of measurement which were used in the city before the final introduction of the metric system in 1805.


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The oldest part of the collection is made up of the funds of the Magistracies responsible under the Republic of Genoa for the administration and provision of the city: the Fathers of the Municipality, the Censors, the Abundance and the Provisori del vino.

Furthermore, a collection of manuscripts relating to the history of Genoa (XV-XVIII), the documents of the Capitanato di Voltri (XVI-XVIII), a curious collection of autographs (XVI-XX), the archives of the Municipalities annexed to Genoa in 1926, the archives of the Brignole Sale and De Ferrari families.