Mulinaretto "Portrait of Giovanni Antonio Queirolo"

Ritratto di Giovanni Antonio Queirolo

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Giovanni Enrico Vaymer, called Mulinaretto (Genova, 1665 - 1738)

Technique and Dimensions:

Oil on canvas


Ground floor lounge (inv. no. M.G.L. 42)

Object Type:



The Luxoro Museum has an interesting collection of portraits, among which various paintings by Vaymer stand out, a master who, absorbed the influence of contemporary French painting, revitalising the local portrait tradition, inspired by the models of Van Dyck he introduced new compositional schemes and a less stately, more realistic and “colloquial” presentation of his subjects. The gentleman portrayed, whose name is legible in an inscription at the bottom left of the painting, communicates his personality immediately, thanks in part to the meticulously executed features and facial expression, rendered with remarkable realism using dense and luminous colours