Bone Hair Clips

Bone hair clips

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Author/ School/ Dating:

6th - 7th century AD

Technique and Dimensions:

Bone, 4.7 x 11.1 x 1 cm


In storage from the ABAP Liguria Superintendence (inv. no. SL 87 B, US 71)


Excavations of the Cloister of the Canons

Object Type:



The hair-comb, coming from the grave goods found during the excavations of the Cloister, is made of bone and has a single row of teeth; in the best preserved part there is a decorative wing motif, on both sides, with carved lines. From some comparisons with other similar objects, and for the essen-tiality of the decoration, it is believed that this comb can date back to the VI-VII century AD.