The park

The Villa Croce museum of contemporary art is housed in a sunny nineteenth-century villa, built on a hill in the residential district of Carignano and facing onto the sea, overlooking the entrance to the port of Genoa and the exhibition area marked by Jean Nouvel’s large, blue Pavilion B, opened in 2009.

At the time of the museum's opening in 1985, the park in which the villa stands, where varieties of palm and a historic camphor tree can be seen, still contained a rose garden which extended along the north side, subsequently replaced with a lawn marking out the children's playground.

Visitors can admire some large sculptures from the museum’s collection on display.

Laid out over three levels descending to the south, with three entrance gates, it has a nymphaeum on the lower level, connecting to the middle level via a vaulted staircase and on the top level, a panoramic viewpoint from which to enjoy an unforgettable view over the city.