Goffredo Mameli "The Song of the Italians"

Goffredo Mameli "Il Canto degli Italiani"

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Goffredo Mameli dei Mannelli (Genova, 1827 - Roma, 1849)


Museum section "Goffredo Mameli, Michele Novaro, Inno Nazionale" (inv. no. A.I.M.G. 4-803)

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The first signed draft of the Italian National Anthem contained in the poet’s personal notebook. Written in the autumn of 1847 and set to music in Turin by Michele Novaro, it was sung for the first time in public on 10th December 1847 in Genoa, during the solemn procession in memory of the Balilla revolt of 1746. It immediately spread to every part of Italy, expressing the national sentiment of unity.