The three heroes of the Genoese people

I trei eroi du popolo zeneise (1847 circa)

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Technique and Dimensions:

Lithograph with pencil and pastel retouching, 38 x 24 cm


First floor (inv. no. St/2817)


Roberto Pittaluga Donation, 1921

Object Type:



In the centre, standing on a canon, Balilla, the eleven-year-old boy who is said to have triggered the anti-Austrian insurrection of 1746, is shown flanked by two other young commoners who contributed to the expulsion of the Austrians: Pittamuli, who managed to take 50 Austrian grenadiers prisoner in Sant'Agata, and Giovanni Carbone, who on 10th December 1746 distinguished himself in the reconquest of the Porta di San Tommaso, the last enemy bulwark