Buddhist furnishings and liturgical instruments

Buddhist furnishings and liturgical instruments include not only elements of decoration of sacred places and ritual instruments, but also tools used by monks in their daily life.

In display case 5 we find the Mikkyō-hōgu, liturgical instruments used in the temples of Esoteric Mikkyō Buddhism: bell (kenchi), "lightning-diamond" (katsuma, vajra), "wheel of the law" (rinbō, cakra), censer ( kasha), series of six bowls (rokki) and vase for flowers (kebyō).

The minimum apparatus used in the most common forms of worship to Buddhist deities consists of an incense burner, a candlestick and a vase for flowers: this service is called mitsu gusoku and is often found on the altars of private houses. We can see an example of it decorated in cloisonné enamel in the section dedicated to the applied arts, display case 14.