Francesco Paolo Michetti "Abruzzese young girl"

Fanciulla abruzzese

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Francesco Paolo Michetti (Tocco da Casauria, 1851 - Francavilla al Mare, 1929)

Technique and Dimensions:

Oil on canvas, 48.5 x 33.5 cm


First floor, Painting of Central Italy Room (inv. no. GAM 1553 )


Legacy of Lazzaro G.B. Frugone, 1935

Object Type:



The refined and mischievous Fanciulla abruzzese, which given the decadent tone that characterises her is datable to the 1880s, in which a young girl is portrayed with her unkempt blonde hair (which seems light as foam), she is dressed up, with earrings, a bead necklace, crosses and medaglions around her neck, she holds a bouquet of wildflowers in her hand. A recurring figure in the works of the Abruzzese artist, who was a friend and protector of D'Annunzio, illustrator of his tragedies, and animator of a cultured circle of artists, writers and musicians in his residence-atelier at the Conventino di Francavilla sul Mare. The quality of the painting is enhanced by the preciousness of its antique French frame.