Matteo Vinzoni "Genoa Aqueduct Plan Distinct in their Respective Enclosures", 1729

Genoa Aqueduct Plan

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Matteo Vinzoni (Montaretto, 1690 - Levanto, 1773)

Technique and Dimensions:

Object type and technique: print ; cm 40 x 60

Author: Matteo Vinzoni  - Genoa Aqueduct Plan

Topographic Collection of Genoa Municipality

Description : Realised by colonel Vinzoni, this is ne of the most fascinating, monumental but almost unknown object representing Genoa. The Val Bisagno Aqueduct, a stone and brick snake: 28 km long and characterised by meanders, bridges, siphons and a pedestrian walk with a constant declivity.