Molo Vecchio - the old Wharf

Old pier

The so-called Old Pier was built on the small peninsula that closed the Mandraccio on the west, the first natural dock in Genoa.

In 1133, it has been reported that a magistrate was in charge of presiding over the maintenance and improvements of the Old Pier, fundamental to protect the port from frequent libeccio storms.

At the far end it was built a Tower, for sailors, mentioned for the first time in 1313 by the sources. On the opposite side from the Lantern, it indicated the port entrance towards the east.

Over the centuries the pier was enlarged to 450 meters in the 15th  century and 608 meters in the 19th  century.

The monumental door that represented the access to the city from the pier was made of stone from Finale, on a project by Galeazzo Alessi in the mid-16th century, and constitutes a valuable example of Renaissance military architecture.

A recent renovation has made it possible to recover the internal rooms where the "Emanuele Luzzati" museum is located today.