The location

DocSAI is located in the so-called “Dependency” of Palazzo Rosso, the least visible of the three buildings which compose the complex built by the Brignole-Sale family between the 17th and 18th centuries. In fact, rather than overlooking Via Garibaldi it opens onto the alleys behind it; the purchase of the entire block had the goal of merging the adjoining building to enlarge its two residential apartments.

At the level of the second floor (the “piano nobile”) the new spaces which were created were decorated with frescoes by Gregorio De Ferrari (destroyed), his son Lorenzo and Domenico Parodi, however on the lower floors the walls of the pre-existing structure was left intact to support the (reconstructed) floors above.

Thus, on the ground floor a late medieval vaulted atrium can be found, paved in brick laid in a herringbone  pattern, from which a staircase featuring a marble column rises; also on this floor is a large hall where the reading room of the Library is located – measuring approximately 7.5m x 6m it is surmounted by an exceptionally fine coffered wooden ceiling from the mid-fifteenth century which still bears its original decoration, interweaving geometric and calligraphic motifs, painted in dark tones of red, ochre and blue, which extend over the whole structure and tastefully complement this study space.