Borgo Lanaiuoli and Piazza Ponticello, 1920

Borgo Lanaiuoli and Piazza Ponticello

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Gabinetto Fotografico Municipale 1910 - 1935

Technique and Dimensions:

Object type and technique: negative on gelatine plate ; cm 9 x 12

Borgo Lanaiuoli and Piazza Ponticello
Date: 1920

Photographic Archive of Genoa Municipality, inv. 12432

The urban transformations of the twentieth century marked the demolition of the medieval city, transforming places of sanguine residentiality into anemic spaces for the ruling class. Three scars of nostalgia on the line of Torbido river: Ponticello, 1930s; Piccapietra, 1950s; Madre di Dio, 1970s. Every twenty years a wound, a prophecy of a non-place. Here you can see Ponticello and Borgo Lanaiuoli, before the construction of Torre Piacentini, the tallest skyscraper in Europe for a few years.