Chinese red lacquered seal box

Chinese red lacquered seal box

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Technique and Dimensions:

Wood covered with carved red lacquer, 17.7 x 16.2 x 16.2 cm.


In storage (n. inv. L-64).


Edoardo Chiossone Collection, testamentary bequest, 1898

Object Type:

Furnishings - China, Ming dynasty, Jiajing era (1522-1566)

The lacquered box carved in guri-shape motif serves as a container for seals and dates back to the early Ming period, possibly Jiajing (1522-1566). Chinese lacquers from the Yuan to the early Ming period are marbled in red and black (an effect that depends on the superimposition of layers of different colors) and known as guribori. The red vermilion color, made from cinnabar pigment, it’s typical of these lacquers. The seal box is decorated with four different compositions of 'sword knobs' (jianhuan): on the lid, you can see a cruciform motif, enclosed by a frame; the door, side faces, and back also have three variations of thejianhuan motif; the base has a wave motif (xiangcao).