Renzo Picasso "Peace Tower. Institute of Quick and Grateful Physical and Moral Education. Perspective View", 1917

Peace Tower.

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Renzo Picasso (Genova, 1880–1975)

Technique and Dimensions:

Object type and technique: heliocopy ; cm 75,5 x 35,5

Peace Tower. Rapid and grateful physical and moral education Institute. Perspectival View.

Date: 1917

Topographic Collection of Genoa Municipality, inv. 4459

Visionary and breathtaking: this is the project of a futuristic Genoa conceived in the middle of the Great War, between old-fashion skyscrapers worthy of an East-Coast metropolis and flying cars swarming in the air over the Carignano seascape. Between belle époque and science fiction, Picasso tells us about a missed dream.