Dainichi Nyorai

Dainichi Nyorai

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Japan, mid Edo period (1673-1751

Technique and Dimensions:

cast and lacquered bronze; base in wood carved, lacquered and gilded, h. 55,7 cm x ø base 29


Edoardo Chiossone Collection, testamentary bequest, 1898


hall, SW corner (inv. no. B-1063).

Object Type:


Dainichi Nyorai “Great Sun Buddha” (skt. Mahavairocana), is known also as the primordial Buddha or the cosmic Buddha from which the entire universe emanates. In Japan Dainichi Nyorai has been adored since the Heain period (794-1192) as the central figure of the Esoteric Buddhism (Mikkyō). The deity is depicted as a young prince adorned with jewels, a polygonal crown and thin mustaches. The hands are in a characteristic hand gesture called the “Mudra of Six Elements” (jpn. chiken-in) in which the index finger of the left hand is clasped by the five fingers of the right. This mudra symbolizes the unity of the five worldly elements with the spiritual consciousness.