The Mu.MA

The Galata Maritime Museum, The Commenda Museum-Theatre di Prè, and the Museum of the Lighthouse "La Lanterna" are four unique museums brought together in a single strategic framework of the Municipality of Genoa, the Mu.MA - Institution Museums of the Sea and Migration, founded in 2005: a cultural center linked to the themes of the sea, travel and dialogue between peoples, knowledge and religions.

Distinguished by a virtuous public-private and private-social management the Mu.MA has become the cultural core of a system “sea”, to be enhanced thourgh analogous institutional, economic, touristic and cultural realities.

Main source of pride of Mu.MA is the Galata Museo del Mare, opened in 2004, is the largest Maritime Museum of the Mediterranean, with the continuous renewal of layouts and themes, it has become a cultural reference worldwide.

The Commenda Museum-Theatre extraordinary building in 1180 A.D., was reopened in 2009 by the will of the institution, with a multimedia display that makes it the medieval city gate. From May 2022 the Commenda houses the MEI - the National Museum of Italian Emigration.

The Maritime Museum of Pegli, located in a splendid villa of the '500, present the collection dedicated to the Ligurian Rivieras, and has become over the years a real cultural square of West Genoa.

The Museum of the Lighthouse "La Lanterna", includes the lighthouse, the park and the museum. Lighthouse is the symbol of Genoa and is the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean, the second in Europe.