Entrance Hall

In the entrance hall the visitor can admire a 10 meter high Lighthouse, painted in red and white according to the tradition and equipped with a precious Fresnel lens, donated by the Italian Navy, which is supposed to light up the vast space of  the hall and could be seen from outside after the sunset, as the typical lighthouse do in the real ports. On the right side of the hall the new ticket boot, a renovated bookshop and a new 518 Pasta Bar, on which, in accordance with the project of architech Rosselli, few historical boats have been installed: the Santa Caterina, a “gozzo cornigiotto “ a typical ligurian boat built by Storie di Barche Association; the Pierino first italian dinghy donated by the President of Italian Yacht Club, a rare “ gozzo da regatta“, an oar boat built in early twentieth century and employed by several generations of oarsmen.

In the rear part of the ticket boot visitor can see an old diver’s boat, donated by Rimorchiatori Riuniti. Next to it, a diorama/showcase with two divers working on the demolition of a wreck, using original tools of seventy years ago preserved by captain Passeri of Drafinsub.