Venue hire

The following spaces at the Galata Maritime Museum are available for events:

Equipped Auditorium (96 seats)
Galea back area (up to 35 seats)
Sala dell’Orologio (from 10 to 25 seats)
Coeclerici Terrace (for outdoor events)
Renzo Piano fresco area (for reception or catering)
Sale Colombo and Andrea D’Oria (for catering)
Galea Playroom (for catering)
4th floor internal terrace (for catering)
Sala Armatori (for catering)
Saletta dell’Arte (for exhibitions)
Galleria delle Esposizioni (for exhibitions)
Galleria delle Esposizioni - Meeting space (up to 25 seats)

The spaces of Galata Museum are primarily granted for cultural activities related to Institution’s purposes and mission, such as inaugurations, conventions, conferences and initiatives.The spaces are also available for a fee for the organization of events such as congresses, conventions and conferences. The concession of spaces is governed by guidelines drawn up by the Institution in accordance with those approved by the City Council and, consequently, by the Cultural Heritage Department of the Municipality of Genoa.