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Ground floor, Room 5 (inv. no. 2950, 2952, 2954, 2956, 2957, 2958, 2959, 2960, 2961, 2962, 2963, 2964, 2965, 4370)

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Museum section; Armour


Most of the parts of armor preserved by the Maritime Museums of Genoa were intended for the personal defense of the soldiers embarked on the galleys of the Republic. Lightness and strength were required of them: they had to withstand the blow of an arquebus, the thrust of a spear or the arrow of a crossbow. The equipment was reduced to a minimum: the breastplate and the back, tied on the shoulders by leather laces and held together by a large leather belt. To protect the head, a helmet either the “morione” or the “borgognotta”.