Cristoforo Grassi "View of Genoa in 1481"

Cristoforo Grassi "View of Genoa in 1481"

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Cristoforo Grassi, active in Genoa in the late 15th century

Technique and Dimensions:

222 x 408 cm


Ground floor, Room 2 (inv. no. 3486)

Object Type:


The painting is the most famous of the works representing medieval Genoa. Copy of a lost fresco, which was  to celebrate the completion of a monumental work of the extension of the Old Pier:  which, together with the ancient lighthouse, occupies the central part of the painting. The port arch and the city fan out over it as a crown. Below a flotilla of galleys celebrate the return of Paolo Fregoso - cardinal and doge of Genoa - from Otranto, where he had participated in the expedition against the Turks who had besieged the city.