Boomerang (return trajectory)

Boomerang (a traiettoria di ritorno)

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Technique and Dimensions:



s.n.250, Legato Cap. E.A. D'Albertis, 1932


Second half of 19th century

The return-trajectory boomerang - the only authentic boomerang in the proper sense - must be manufactured in a uniform manner, including a curvature in the center of about 135,- blunt or slightly salient on the convex side. It’s used as a hobby.

Launched with dexterity, it begins to rotate swiftly on itself rising in the air in the vertical plane of launch, then tilts laterally until it gradually reaches the horizontal position. It can describe a series of circles up to the descending trajectory that deposits it near the pitcher. The range, up to about 100 m, is shorter than that of the boomerang of no return, because part of the propulsion force is used for the return trajectory.
Murray River Region, Southeast Australia