SENSORY is a place where time is dilated, a welcoming space, the senses delicately solicited. A place were individual elements are combined in multiple formations: 5 instruments, a soft seat and a cushion arranged according to the principle of Padovan geometric harmony. The video projections are fragments of light and flowers. Cedar essence promotes relaxation through the sense of smell. SENSORY was created to welcome and provide an experience oriented towards wellness.

RESONANCE: a triangular platform in fir wood, typically used for harpsichords, sensitive to the vibrations of the sound system placed within it

TRIXILOFONO: a series of three xylophones, made of wooden tablets mounted in an alternating sequence on a trapezoidal structure

16CORDE: an instrument inspired by Eastern and Far Eastern chordophones, with strings mounted vertically on a trapezoidal body

KOSHI TOWER: 4 wind chimes inspired by the 4 elements, the sound is produced by the movement of a glass sphere on metal slats

TRICAJON: inspired by the cajon, a Peruvian percussion instrument, made with only 3 sides, one of which has a shamanic leather drum.

Project conceived and created by Milena Fois and Davide Ferrari. Curated by Echo Art.

Violin making by Cristiano Do Rosario. Audio sensors by Daniele Adrianopoli. Music by Davide Ferrari, Daniele Adrianopoli, Michele Ferrari.

Video by Milena Fois. Musiquarium Srl furnishings. Technical collaboration by Dario Fortunato.

Realized in the context of the “Museum for all”, a project of the Associazione l’Abilità  onlus with the support of the De Agostini Foundation.