Sensory Room

Sensory Room

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Museum section: Installation


Sensory is a place where time is dilated, a welcoming space, the senses delicately solicited.

Sensory was created to welcome and provide an experience oriented towards wellness.

A place were individual elements are combined in multiple formations: 5 instruments, a soft seat and a cushion arranged according to the principle of Padovan geometric harmony.

The video projections are fragments of light and flowers. Cedar essence promotes relaxation through the sense of smell.

Resonance: a triangular platform in fir wood, typically used for harpsichords, sensitive to the vibrations of the sound system placed within it

Trixilofono: a series of three xylophones, made of wooden tablets mounted in an alternating sequence on a trapezoidal structure

16corde: an instrument inspired by Eastern and Far Eastern chordophones, with strings mounted vertically on a trapezoidal body

Koshi Tower: 4 wind chimes inspired by the 4 elements, the sound is produced by the movement of a glass sphere on metal slats

Tricajon: inspired by the cajon, a Peruvian percussion instrument, made with only 3 sides, one of which has a shamanic leather drum.