The Crucifixion


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Author/ School/ Dating:

Paolo Caliari, detto il Veronese (Verona, 1528 - Venezia, 1588)

Technique and Dimensions:

Oil on canvas, cm. 326 x 197


Genova, Musei di Strada Nuova - Palazzo Bianco, inv. PB 281


From 1892 in the collections from the Church of SS. James and Philip

The large canvas depicting the Crucifixion by Paolo Veronese, one of the greatest artists active in Venice in the second half of the '500' has a very dark and tragic intonation due to the brightness corrusca and the point of view heavily lowered. The altarpiece, signed in the lower area, the only one of the artist to have always been visible in public in Genoa, because it is located in the town church of Saints James and Philip, now destroyed.
The work was fundamental for the evolution of the school of Genoese painting during the seventeenth century: in fact, many local artists looked at it, to learn the novelties of the way of painting "Venetian", all soaked in light and color.