Fresco with the Allegory of Spring

Affresco Volta Sala della Primavera

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Gregorio De Ferrari (Genova, 1647-1726)

From 1686 to 1687 Gregorio De Ferrari was engaged, with his father-in-law Domenico Piola, in the fresco decoration of the second noble floor of Palazzo Rosso, for the commission of Gio. Francesco I Brignole - Sale (1643-1694): starting from the hall, passing through the four rooms to the east until you get to the south loggia facing the sea, is developed a unified and coherent iconographic project , which has as its central theme the symbolic identity between Apollo god of the Sun, who with his chariot marks the rhythm of the days, and the client Brignole - Sale, whose heraldic coat of arms, a rampant Lion, coincides significantly with the zodiac sign of summer, the season of the sun. 
The Hall of Spring is one of the wonderful four rooms to the east of Palazzo Rosso, each frescoed with subjects inspired by a season of the year.
Venus, in a charming and seductive attitude, triumphs on Mars in flight while Cupid, the emblem par excellence of the amateur arts, sets fire to the torches on a swan; all around young girls and merry putti play among the flowers, while on the left stands a lion, Another direct reference to the heraldic weapon of the client.